Postgraduate Research

Ranked in the top three universities in Australia for specialist studies in education and rated well-above world standards for research output in specialist studies in Education by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), research is a vital component of the School of Education. 

Our School is home to several distinctive research teams comprising of staff and local and international students. Our students experience training that enables them to carry out their own research programs and publish in leading academic journals. Our graduates are renowned for their advanced research skills as well as their ability to produce academic work worthy of an international audience.

Please note, the MPhil (Higher Education) and the Master by Research (Educational Leadership) degrees are no longer running. We encourage students to consider the MEd by Research degree as an alternative.

If you're interested in a research degree within the School of Education, when submitting your documents, please identify and name one or more of the following, from the School, that fits your proposed research area:

  • A subject area
  • A research area
  • An individual staff member.

This identification may include previous email contact with a staff member, or member of a disciplinary area or research group.

For more information about the research programs offered by the School of Education, please contact the School of Education at or on 02 9385 1977.

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