Honours is an extra year of study, usually undertaken immediately upon completing an undergraduate degree. It combines aspects of undergraduate study with postgraduate research. 

Honours introduces advanced research training through the completion of a thesis, creative or practice-based research project. Honours degrees provide you with more intellectually challenging study at the highest level of training in undergraduate study. 

Set Yourself Apart 

Students undertake Honours for a variety of reasons including preparation for a research degree, improving their employment opportunities or to pursue a passion for advanced learning in their subject area.  

Honours graduates possess heightened research, critical thinking and communication skills. Undertaking honours study also shows a willingness to challenge yourself and go beyond expectations. 

Delve Deeper

Honours students have the opportunity to engage in specialised and extended research  which is closely supervised by academics who are passionate about research and the development of new knowledge. Honours is also a pathway to postgraduate research degrees and study.   

Honours study enables you to build on the foundations of your undergraduate degree and choose a research project that allows you to develop deeper understandings of your interests.  

Honours Scholarship

Value: $3,500 

Each year a $3500 Honours Scholarship is provided. The Scholarship encourages students undertaking the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education or a Graduate Diploma in Education program to undertake honours level study in Education at UNSW. 

To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be proposing to undertake full-time study in an honours program in Education at UNSW. Each applicant will be assessed on their academic merit. This comprises recent academic results prior to undertaking honours study.  

Applicants must either be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents to meet eligibility criteria. 

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