Teaching Parents How to Support & Enable Your Gifted Child 

The UNSW GERRIC parent courses are based on the latest research evidence and address the many concerns and challenges for parents wanting to be better informed on the educational needs of their gifted children. 

The courses have been designed to allow parents to gain a deeper understanding of their gifted children’s needs, useful insights into offering optimal support for their gifted children, and opportunities for interaction and engagement with other parents of gifted children. 

Led by academics who are experts in the field of gifted education, UNSW GERRIC courses offer a rare opportunity to learn how to better support your gifted child.  

GERRIC Parent Courses cover topics such as: 

  • What do gifted students need in order to thrive?  
  • Identification of gifted children in schools 
  • Challenges faced by gifted children: Perfectionism and underachievement 
  • Ability grouping and its effects on gifted children 
  • Parenting strategies to manage gifted children at home 
  • Strategies to choose the right school for your child 
  • Being a positive advocate for your gifted child at school 
  • The Internet and gifted children—21st Century learning 
  • What makes a good curriculum for gifted learners? 

The next face-to-face course for parents will be held on Friday 8 November at UNSW Kensington.  Learn more and register here

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