Parents of gifted children are in a unique situation. Often, the advanced development of the abilities of a gifted child outpaces the child's physical development, and results in frustration for both parent and child.

Additionally, challenges exist for parents in understanding the affective needs of gifted children, which may be very different to the normal population.

It's common for parents of gifted children to feel confused about the educational needs of their gifted child, and this two-day course aims to address these concerns and challenges. The course will provide an opportunity for parents to develop a greater understanding of their gifted child's needs, to interact with other parents of gifted children, and to learn from current research and experts in the field of gifted education.

GERRIC Parent Courses cover topics such as:

  • A review of research into gifted students and their needs
  • Identification of gifted children in schools
  • Cognitive and socio-emotional needs of gifted children
  • Family dynamics (siblings, parents) and gifted children
  • Challenges faced by gifted children: perfectionism and underachievement
  • Ability grouping and its effects on children
  • Parenting strategies to manage your child at home
  • Strategies to choose the right school for your child (note: GERRIC does not endorse particular schools)
  • Being a positive advocate for your child at school
  • The internet and gifted children—21st Century learning
  • What makes a good curriculum for gifted learners

Upcoming event: My Gifted Child, a three-hour workshop for parents on Friday 8 November at UNSW Kensington. Learn more and register here. 

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Parent Public Lectures

Presented by A/Prof Iva Strnadova

Looking for strategies to help your child get the most out of their experience at school? Associate Professor Strnadova will offer research-based tips for forging positive relationships with your child’s teachers and other school support staff so that you can all be on the same page.

Presented by Dr Peta Hay

Though parents and teachers are sometimes positioned as opposing forces, usually both have the same goal - to support children to meet their potential. Dr Hay will discuss ways to advocate for your gifted child at school and within the education system.

Presented by Dr Susen Smith

How can you find out the areas of your child's gifts and talents? And how can you support them to develop those areas fully? Dr Smith discussed ways parents can support their gifted children to reach their full potential.

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