GERRIC: Gifted Education

The Leaders of Gifted Education Research in the Southern Hemispere 

GERRIC is the unit responsible for delivering Gifted Education programs at UNSW School of Education. We’re at the forefront of gifted education research, learning and teaching in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. Founded by Miraca Gross in 1991, we’ve sparked the minds of thousands of gifted children through intellectually-stimulating programs across a range of subject areas. Whether you’re a teacher interested in helping gifted students thrive, a parent wanting to understand how to support your talented child or an advanced student looking for a greater challenge, GERRIC is for you.


What We Offer

GERRIC contributes to many aspects of the education and development of gifted students. We offer Mini-COGE Gifted Education workshops for educators, school holiday programs for gifted students, master classes in gifted education as well as gifted education conferences facilitated by experts in the field. In collaboration with the New South Wales Department of Education, we host the annual conference ‘Ignite the Spark. This annual conference focuses on approaches to differentiation in the classroom, whole school, and community of schools’ contexts to support students’ learning.   

When you study teaching at UNSW you can develop specialist knowledge through our undergraduate courses and postgraduate programs in gifted education. Our offering includes the Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education, Master of Education (Gifted Education) and PhD studies in gifted education. 


Celebrating over 25 Years in Gifted Education

GERRIC is one of only a handful of education facilities worldwide that caters to the support, nurture and advancement of high-ability individuals by including gifted education as a compulsory part of initial teacher education We are devoted to gifted education research, professional development for educators, programs for gifted students and courses for parents. We champion gifted education through gifted program evaluations in schools and gifted education resources and information. Our School is home to incredible stories of talented students, teachers and parents who’ve benefited significantly from the challenging enrichment programs led by our experts in gifted education.


Leading the Way in Gifted Education Research 

Researchers at UNSW School of Education share a strong commitment to improving learning and teaching to build stronger educational communities.  Our renowned academics in gifted education research are actively engaged in many high-level projects across the national and international level.    

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