Each semester, more than 50 volunteers and UNSW pre-service teachers complete placements at Matraville Sports High School (MSHS). Our volunteers deliver afterschool workshops in drama, music and gifted education and staff an afterschool homework and tuition centre for students from MSHS and neighbouring primary schools. They also assist teachers in implementing group work and project-based learning in their classrooms.

The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership also involves professional learning and ongoing research opportunities for teachers, events for parents and work with the Aboriginal community. We look to increase both teacher capacity and parent confidence to meet the needs of Aboriginal students. The partnership is a collective vision for achievement UNSW’s local community.

Volunteer with Us

Are you interested in working with primary and high school students, learning from experienced educators and serving the community in UNSW’s own backyard? A variety of volunteer opportunities are available through the UNSW Matraville Education Partnership, working with students and teachers at Matraville Sports High School (MSHS) and its surrounding primary schools. Our volunteers have the opportunity to work with Aboriginal students, English language learners, special needs students and gifted students.

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Complete a Placement

Gaining hands-on experience in schools is an essential part of our teacher education courses at UNSW. Through the Matraville Education Partnership, you can gain experience working in a diverse school environment from early in your degree program. Many education students will receive a placement at MSHS as part of EDST2002 (second year), PE1 or PE2 (third or fourth year) or the Master of Teaching INSTEP program. 

Please contact us if you’re interested in undertaking a formal professional engagement placement at Matraville or join us as a volunteer.

Join Our Community

UNSW offers parent and community workshops on a variety of topics. So far, we’ve held information evenings at MSHS and local primary schools and library story-time sessions with Barnardos and the Ngala Nanga Mai parent group

For more information, please contact us.

Develop Your Teaching Career

Teachers from MSHS and its surrounding primary schools are instrumental in hosting our placement students and volunteers. They have also enhanced access to UNSW Professional Learning courses. So far, teachers at the Little Bay Community of Schools (LBCoS) have taken courses in gifted education, strategies for EAL/D learners, educational leadership, Indigenous education and visual arts education.  

If you are an LBCoS teacher, check out the upcoming UNSW Professional Learning activities and contact us if you’d like to attend.

Enrich Your Education

Students at MSHS have access to free UNSW-led afterschool programs in music, drama and gifted enrichment. Through UNSW, they also have access to free afterschool tuition; extra classroom support; and opportunities for excursions, guest speakers, education programs and other community organisations. Matraville is also an ASPIRE school, so students receive extra support in preparing and applying for degrees at UNSW. 

Many of these opportunities are also available to primary school students from the LBCoS.

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