Program related questions

Q: How do I declare my major(s)/minor?

A: You can declare your major(s)/minor online with the ‘Stream Declaration Service’, available in your myUNSW account. 

Your record will be updated with your declared major(s)/minor. Please note that if you declare your major(s)/minor after the start of semester, your declared major(s)/minor will not be visible in your myUNSW account until the following semester.

Q: My form needs to be signed by the Course Authority and Program Authority. Who are they?

A: Course Authority: This is the course lecturer. If you do not know who the course lecturer is, you will need to consult the class timetable. The lecturer will be noted under ‘Staff Contact’. You can then search for their contact details through the UNSW Directory.

A: Program Authority: For programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre is the Program Authority.

Q: I am in the final semester of my degree. Do I need to notify the Faculty?

A: No, you do not need to notify the Faculty if you believe you are in your final semester. The student system will automatically identify you as a Potential Graduand and the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre staff will conduct graduation checking towards the end of the semester.
You can check if you are listed as a Potential Graduand in your myUNSW account, under ‘Graduation Details’. If you have not been identified as a Potential Graduand and believe you should be, please contact the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre.

Q: Can I apply to transfer to another program at UNSW?

A: Yes, it is possible to apply to transfer to another program at UNSW. There are two ways to apply:

  • Submit an Internal Program Transfer application through myUNSW. Refer to the Internal Program Transfer website for more information.
  • Submit an application through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), if you are a domestic student or apply directly to the University through the Apply Online portal if you are an international student.  

Q: I am enrolled in a dual degree but now I just want to complete one part and drop the other. Can I do that?

A: Yes, you can transfer from a dual degree to a single degree. To do so you need to apply for an Internal Program Transfer through myUNSW. The requirements to complete a degree in single mode differ from the requirements in dual mode. Please contact the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre if you have questions about transferring to a single degree program offered by this Faculty.

Q: How do I apply for program leave?

A: You can submit a program leave request through your myUNSW account (My Student Profile Tab > My Student Services > Online Services > Program Leave/Discontinuation). Once your request has been processed you will be notified of the outcome by email to your UNSW email account.

Please note that program leave is generally restricted to no more than 2 semesters of your enrolment in a program.