Other questions

Q: Where can I submit/collect my assignment?

A: Each school has its own procedure for submitting/collecting of assignments. Please refer to your course outline for instructions or contact the relevant School.

Q: Can I start a language in Semester 2?

A: Generally, it is not possible to begin a language in Semester 2, as you must have completed the Semester 1 (Language A) course to be eligible to enrol into the Semester 2 (Language B) course.

However, if you have a background in the specific language, it may be possible for you to begin the language in Semester 2. For the School of Humanities and Languages to determine this, you would need to complete the online Language Placement Questionnaire.

Q: Is it possible to undertake an internship as part of my degree?

A: Yes, it may be possible to undertake an internship as part of your degree. Please refer to the Vocational Placement page for more information.

Q: I studied at TAFE or another university before I started at UNSW. Can I get credit for those courses?

A: Only the Bachelor of Social Work recognises certain TAFE Diplomas for Credit Transfer. For more information, please see the School of Social Sciences website

If you gain entry into a program in the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, you may be eligible for credit for courses (subjects) studied at another institution.

To be awarded these credits, UNSW will need to assess the courses or combination of courses as equivalent to UNSW courses.

The awarded credits are governed by the UNSW degree program rules and the rules covering credit. Credit transfer will not be granted for courses completed more than 10 years previously.

(The above is from the Credit Transfer page on the Faculty website)

To apply for credit transfer you will need to complete and submit the Application for Credit/Advanced Standing (PDF). You will need to attach an official or certified official academic transcript and course descriptions of studies undertaken at the other institution.