Application for Overload Form

A full-time study load at UNSW is at least 18 units of credit and up to a maximum of 24 units of credit (UOC) per semester. If you wish to apply for overload you must have completed at least 48 uoc with the relevant WAM and be in good academic standing.

If you wish to overload (i.e. take more than 24 UOC in a semester) you must apply using this form.

Application for Postgraduate Internal Program Transfer

If you wish to apply to transfer from one approved Postgraduate Coursework Program to another, you must have undertaken a minimum of one semester of study in your current program

You need to use this form when applying to transfer from one approved Postgraduate Coursework Program to another. You can read more information on the UNSW PG Program Transfer page here

Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (Credit Transfer / Advanced Standing)

Use this form if you wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for admission to a program, and/or for credit or an exemption toward a program of study.

Application to Remove Recognition for Prior Learning (Credit Transfer / Advanced Standing)

Use this form if you have previously have received Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) and now wish to have it removed.

Diploma of Language Studies (Program 3417) Application Form (PDF)

Application for admission into the Diploma of Language Studies.

Full Class Enrolment Request

Use this form to request enrolment in a class that is full or if your enrolment has not been processed because the class (lecture, tutorial or lab) you chose is full. If the class appears to have vacancies this may be because quotas have been reserved for other groups (e.g. students from other faculties or programs).

Major/Minor Stream Declaration

You must use the myUNSW Online Stream Declaration service to declare your stream(s) (major and minor, if applicable). Any variation to your streams must also be lodged through the online service. Some streams can be changed online. Others require an online application.

Please note: Your program is your responsibility. You must ensure that you understand your program and the requirements of your chosen stream(s). If in doubt, please contact the Arts and Social Sciences Student Centre on (02) 9385 2289 or via email:

Online Permissible Timetable Clash Application Form

This online form is for students in an Arts and Social Sciences program (single or dual) who have an unavoidable timetable clash. Students must meet the rules and conditions (PDF) [84 Kb] (PDF) [84 Kb] in order to apply.

Program Progression Check

A Progression Check is a calculation and summary of what you have left to do to meet all the requirements of your program, based on the courses that you have completed so far. If you would like to request a Progression Check please use this form.

Request for Course Substitution

This form must be completed if you want to substitute a course in your program, for example, a prescribed elective other than that what is already approved. A separate form should be completed for each course you wish to substitute.

Requisite Waiver Enrolment Form Request

Requisite waivers are generally not approved except under special circumstances, for example, you are currently completing the prerequisite course on exchange or cross-institutional study. You must use this form to request a waiver.

Additional information

Internal program transfers

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program will be able to apply to transfer to other undergraduate programs via myUNSW. For more information visit the UNSW internal program transfer website.

Student administration forms

See general UNSW forms and documents on the UNSW website.