Academic Advising

What is academic advising?

At the end of each main semester every undergraduate and postgraduate coursework student’s Academic Standing in their program of study is determined by the University.

The purpose of specifying a student's Academic Standing is to alert the student and their Program Office as early as possible to any problem that may prevent the student graduating in minimum time, or (in more extreme cases) that may prevent the student graduating at all.

What if I get off track?

If you are struggling with your studies for whatever reason, below are some key points you should remember:

  • If you think you are behind in your studies then you probably are!
  • The earlier you speak to someone the greater chance there is of getting a positive outcome for you.
  • Even though it may feel like it you are certainly not the only one experiencing the same issues.

Where can I get help?

If you are having issues with the course content, readings, attendance or assessments you need to let your tutor or course convenor know. They can assist you with any questions or issues that you are having with a course.

You can find your course convenor by checking in your course guides or contacting the School Office of the course you are studying.

If you have a course-related complaint you have a number of options for how you can raise the issue. The first option is usually to discuss your problem with your tutor, your lecturer or the course co-ordinator. Alternatively, you could seek advice from your School Grievance Officer.

Academic advisors

Appointments can be made with an Arts & Social Sciences Academic Advisor by any student studying a UNSW Arts & Social Sciences program, however, they are generally reserved for students who need high level academic support, particularly students not in good academic standing.

You can find the advising schedule for your program and book an appointment using our online booking system.

Book an Academic Advising session

Academic advising locations:

Student Centre Academic Advisors

Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre, G01 Morven Brown

Education Advisor

Level 1, School Office, John Goodsell Building

International Studies Advisor

School Office, 258, Level 2, Morven Brown

Contact the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre

The Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre is the first point of contact for advice about your program and other related matters.

Student Centre: Room G1 Ground Floor, Morven Brown Building (C20)
Phone: (02) 9385 2289

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

To find out more information about academic advising, visit the UNSW academic advising and support website.