Vocational Placement

Students at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences have the option to enrol in a degree credit vocational placement course during second or third year.

Student undertaking vocational placementThe program provides an exciting opportunity to put theory into practice and gain valuable professional experience.

The vocational placement structure is flexible and can be tailored to fit along side your other courses. Vocational placements are not guaranteed, however, our Program Manager will work closely with you to find a role and organisation that is a good match for your personal and academic interests.

The process of finding an vocational placement uses a career development learning model that gives you practice in:

  • identifying your skills
  • researching opportunities
  • reflecting on values and self-awareness
  • building your résumé
  • making career choices

Where could I do a vocational placement?

Our students have completed placements with the following organisations:

  • Cumberland Courier Newspapers
  • Corrective Services NSW
  • The Salvation Army Pacific Magazines
  • Centre for Independent Studies
  • Blue Pie Records
  • Photoplay Films
  • News Magazines
  • Yahoo!7

How do I apply for a vocational placement?

Once you have enrolled as a student at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, please contact  Zarni Jaugietis, the  Program Manager-Student Development, via zarni@unsw.edu.au expressing your interest in undertaking a degree credit vocational placement course.