Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

UNSW provides a variety of prizes, scholarships and awards for students to recognise excellence and encourage potential. Some are general to UNSW and others are specific to Arts & Social Sciences programs.

Find out what scholarships and awards you are eligible for!

Arts & Social Sciences prizes and awardsArts and Social Sciences students on lawn

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences offer a number of prizes to recognise academic achievement during your studies at UNSW.

Please check the UNSW prizes website to find out which Arts & Social Sciences prizes you may be eligible for.

Academic excellence is celebrated at the annual UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Awards Ceremony where students receive public recognition for the prizes, awards and scholarships they have received.

The ceremony was held on Monday 21 May 2018, please see below the list of winners.

Arts & Social Sciences donors

On behalf of everyone at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, we would like to thank all our scholarship donors for their ongoing support.

As a donor you have the power to make immediate and lasting impact on the lives of our students. If you are interested in supporting UNSW Arts & Social Sciences please visit our Supporters web page.

Past award winners