The first step to continued excellence is research.

RHD students studying in the libraryAt UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, we support you so you can work towards achieving your academic best.

Our comprehensive range of facilities, services and support are designed to maximise your academic experience and contribute to your personal success.

This support includes access to first-rate facilities such as an extensive university library and 24-hour access to computer resources. Individual access to workstations and study spaces is also available (on a competitive basis) as well as support for research costs, conference attendance and opportunities to gain teaching experience.

Postgraduate research coordinators

Each of our Schools and Centres has a Postgraduate Research Coordinator.

Your Postgraduate Research Coordinator is there to support you through candidature - to provide advice, guide you through the process and ensure you feel supported.

If you are interested in conducting research programs they can also assist you to find an appropriate supervisor.

Contact your research coordinator

Research training program

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences provide a comprehensive research training program that is available on-line and face-to-face for all Higher Degree Research (HDR) students.

The research training program supports the work of our Schools and Centres and is designed to ensure HDR students feel supported throughout their candidature.

Find out more about our new research training program.

Financial support

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences provide a wide range of postgraduate research funding opportunities to assist you with attending domestic conferences, fieldwork travel, equipment or skills aquisition, International Exchange programs and other essential costs of research. We offer funding opportunities to assist with equity and hardship needs, which may arise during your research candidature. 

To find out if you may be eligible for financial support, please visit the funding web page.

Arts & Social Sciences top-up scholarships

The five top-ranked holders of Main Award Scholarships (excluding Scientia) will automatically receive an Arts & Social Sciences top-up scholarship of $5,000 per annum for three years.

Find out more about our top-up scholarships on our scholarships and prizes page.

Professional development opportunities

There are many opportunities throughout your study to engage in professional development and gain teaching experience.

Please speak to your Postgraduate Research Coordinator to find out more about suitable opportunities.

Progress reviews

Research Progress Reviews provide an opportunity for the student, their supervisors and the School or Centre to review all aspects of your candidature and develop a plan of action for the next year.

They are designed to help you manage your research, plan your thesis and ensure that you make the most of your time at UNSW.

Thesis examination

Upon the completion and successful submission of your thesis, it will be examined by two academics appointed by the Arts & Social Sciences Higher Degree Committee. The examiners are asked to examine your thesis within six weeks, although candidates should be aware that sometimes circumstances prevent examiners from returning their report in time and delays are sometimes expected.

Once all of the examiners' reports are returned, they are considered by your Postgraduate Coordinator and the Higher Degree Committee (HDC) and a recommendation is made.