SpeakEasy in Practice

Want to learn more about using the latest research in your everyday work? You’re in luck!

‘SpeakEasy in Practice’ Journal Club is back with webinar 2!

Following the success of our first ‘SpeakEasy in Practice’ journal club webinar, Carla & Annie are back with a new journal paper and a bunch of new questions to get the discussion flowing including:

  • How do you incorporate a conceptual framework such as “counterpublic health” into and across a paper?
  • What are some of the benefits of working with conceptual frameworks and what other considerations might be involved?
  • What is a “mixed method approach” and why and when would you use it?

Each webinar focuses on a specific research article from a peer-reviewed journal. Participants are asked to read the article before the webinar and we’ve provided you with a guidance sheet with key prompts to get you thinking. In addition to discussing the topics outlined above, we also aim to go beyond the method and ask the big “so what?” questions including “What can we take away?” “How can we use this research in our own work?” We encourage you to ask questions, participate in the discussion and take advantage of Carla & Annie’s decades of experience in research and community work.

Places are limited - register early so you don’t miss out!


SpeakEasy in Practice – Journal Club Webinar 2

Date: 30 April 2020

Time: 1pm - 2pm (AEST)

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Once you register, you will receive a copy of the journal article/featured reading for this webinar, a guidance sheet and details on how to join the webinar.


If you have questions about registration, please contact the Centre for Social Research in Health. 

If you have questions about SpeakEasy in Practice, please contact Annie Madden or Carla Treloar.

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