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Links to the latest research reports authored by Centre for Social Research in Health staff are listed below.

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Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2020 (Curtis Chan, Timothy Broady, Benjamin Bavinton, Limin Mao, Brandon Bear, Brent Mackie, Cherie Power, Neil Fraser, Garrett Prestage, Martin Holt)

The INTO? Study: Report of Results (Benjamin Bavinton, Curtis Chan, Andrew Grulich, Mohamed Hammoud, Martin Holt, Phillip Keen, Steven Philpot, Garrett Prestage)

Barriers and enablers associated with access and equity in alcohol and other drug treatment in NSW (Joanne Bryant, Robyn Horwitz, Rebecca Gray, Lise Lafferty, Paula Jops, Hazel Blunden, Loren Brener)

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2020: Viral Hepatitis in Australia (Joanne Bryant, Jake Rance, Carla Treloar)

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Melbourne 2020 (Tim Broady, Curtis Chan, Benjamin Bavinton, Limin Mao, Colin Batrouney, Craig Burnett, Michael West, Garrett Prestage, Martin Holt)

2018 It’s Your Love Life periodic survey: sexual health promotion needs of heterosexually-identified young people in NSW (Philippe Adam, Johnde Wit, Marty Janssen, Carolyn Murray, Jane Estoesta, Itsada Ketsuwan, Rosemary Mason, Carolyn Slattery)

Report on the PrEP in NSW Transition Study, 2018-2020 (Doug Fraser, Curtis Chan, Stefanie Vaccher, Martin Holt, Garrett Prestage, Iryna Zablotska-Manos, Andrew Grulich, Benjamin Bavinton)

Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project: Summary Report. Phase Two (Tim Broady, Loren Brener, Max Hopwood, Elena Cama, Carla Treloar)

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Perth 2019 (Tim Broady, Curtis Chan, Benjamin Bavinton, Limin Mao, Ryker Sackville-Podmore, Mick Pierce, Roanna Lobo, Siân Churcher, Lisa Bastian, Garrett Prestage, Martin Holt)

Evaluation of ACON’s Substance Support Service (Toby Lea, Loren Brener, Genevieve Whitlam, Rebecca Gray, Sarah Lambert, Martin Holt)

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Queensland 2019 (Tim Broady, Curtis Chan, Benjamin Bavinton, Limin Mao, Sally Cripps, Shaun Staunton, Amergin Adair, Luke Coffey, Garrett Prestage, Martin Holt)

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Canberra 2019 (Curtis Chan, Tim Broady, Benjamin Bavinton, Limin Mao, Lee Caldwell, John Guppy, Sarah Martin, Garrett Prestage, Jess Bell, Martin Holt)