Seminar Recordings

Where possible, our monthly seminars are live streamed and recorded so you can watch a presentation anywhere, anytime. To watch past seminars, scroll through the list of available recordings below. The most recent recordings appear at the top.

Movement and meaning during COVID: Insights from a digital photo diary study

Marianne Clark
21 April 2021
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“We’ve had a circuit breaker for an old dogma of more than 20 years”: Opioid Agonist Treatment during COVID-19, the CHOICE Study

Anna Conway
17 March 2021
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Sex, Drugs, and 'Wild' Self-Care: Re-evaluating 'Risky' Health-related Practices within the Queer Community

Simon Clay
24 February 2021
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How can we strengthen the role of families in the response to blood borne viruses?

Christy Newman, Asha Persson, Kerryn Drysdale and Anthony K J Smith
2 December 2020
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Why trust digital health? Understanding the perspectives of communities affected by BBVs/STIs and social stigma

James MacGibbon, Anthony K J Smith and Christy Newman
21 October 2020
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Australians’ experiences of the COVID-19 crisis – emerging findings from a social research project

Deborah Lupton
19 August 2020
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Stigma among people who inject drugs and people living with hepatitis C

Loren Brener & Timothy Broady with Jude Byrne & Jenny Heslop 
27 July 2020
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Transgender People, Victimisation and Criminology: Where is the research?

Andy Kaladelfos
6 May 2020
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Work That Body: Male Bodies in Digital Culture

Jamie Hakim
1 April 2020
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Is policy advocacy a dirty word for researchers?

Alison Ritter AO
18 March 2020
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Alternative Pornographies, Regulatory Fantasies, Resistance Politics

Zahra Stardust
26 February 2020
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Beyond PrEParing: equitable access, problematising evidence, and mainstreaming the implementation of PrEP in Australia

Christy Newman, Martin Holt and Anthony K J Smith 
4 December 2019
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The power of personal networks and how they shape our capacity to manage health and illness

Anne Rogers and Ivaylo Vassilev
6 November 2019
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YouthSites: Urban youth arts, care and learning in the global city

Associate Professor Stuart R. Poyntz
16 October 2019
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Anonymous care: LGBTQ+ young people's digital mental health support

Dr Paul Byron
4 September 2019
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A Fine Line: Painkillers and Pleasure in the Age of Anxiety

Dr George (Kev) Dertadian
10 July 2019
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Housing, Health, Hardware: rethinking policy through infrastructural inequalities

Associate Professor Tess Lea
19 June 2019
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Creating culturally grounded prevention programs with and for urban American Indian families

Professor Stephen Kulis
15 May 2019
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‘The internet both reassures and terrifies’: using the story completion method for health research

Professor Deborah Lupton
3 April 2019
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Recordings of seminars held in 20172018 can be found on our YouTube playlist