Australians’ experiences of the COVID-19 crisis – emerging findings from a social research project

Professor Deborah Lupton will present some initial findings from her project involving interviews with 40 Australians across the country about their experiences of the COVID-19 crisis. The interviews were conducted between May and July 2020, a period in which Australians were grappling with the impacts on their lives of government-imposed restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Participants were asked to talk about:

  • how they had first heard about COVID-19
  • what the most helpful or useful source of information for them to learn about the coronavirus
  • how their everyday lives had changed during lockdown
  • what have been the most difficult or challenging aspects
  • how they have coped with these difficulties
  • what services they had used
  • their view on how well the Australian governments have dealt with the crisis, and
  • how they imagined life would be once the crisis had passed.

Deborah will also outline plans for the Australasian Hub for Social Research on COVID-19 (AusCOV Hub) that she is leading, involving the collection and sharing of resources generated by researchers and stakeholders across the region.

Deborah Lupton is a SHARP Professor in the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Social Policy Research Centre and Leader of the Vitalities Lab. She has a background in sociology and media and cultural studies, and her research combines qualitative and innovative social research methods with sociocultural theory. Deborah is the author/co-author of 17 books and editor/co-editor of six book collections, as well as many chapters and articles, ranging across such topics as health and medicine, food, the body, the emotions and affect, risk, parenthood, digital technologies and digital data. She blogs at This Sociological Life.


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