Understandings of risk and HIV among men who have sex with men in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales

Past project

This was a coordinated study of risk and HIV among MSM in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. The study examined risk factors for HIV seroconversion in different contexts using data from men recently testing positive for HIV and believed to be recent seroconverters. The second component looked at risk motivations among MSM deemed to be at high risk for HIV, and focus on attitudes and understandings.

The past few years had seen some significant variations in numbers of new HIV diagnoses and different HIV risk practices in different jurisdictional contexts. The aim of this study was to examine these different risk contexts across different jurisdictions to better understand the mechanisms of risk as well as the attitudes and understandings of risk in MSM who would appear to be at elevated risk of HIV seroconversion.

Non-Staff Involved

Associate Professor John Imrie

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