StraightMSM Study: Heterosexually-Identified Men Who Have Sex With Men

Current project

The primary focus of this exploratory, qualitative project, funded by BRISE, was to interview a range of professionals employed in health services, health promotion and other relevant roles to document their expert views on the experiences and needs of straight-identified MSM in New South Wales. Other activities included reviewing the literature, analysing existing CSRH data, and appraising the terminology and activities evident in online personal ads posted by straight MSM. Publications are forthcoming.

Funding Agency:    

NSW Ministry of Health (BRISE)

Non-Staff Involved:

Pene Manolas (Pozhet), Tina Gordon, Heather-Marie Schmidt (NSW Ministry of Health), Catriona Ooi (WSLHD), Alison Rutherford (SWSLHD)

Partners / Collaborators:    


BRISE StraightMSM Study (short report) (PDF) [3 Mb]

Persson, A. S., Newman, C. E., Manolas, P., Holt, M., Callander, D., Gordon, T., & de Wit, J. (2017). Challenging perceptions of “straight”: Heterosexual men who have sex with men and the cultural politics of sexual identity categoriesMen and Masculinities.

Newman, C. E., Persson, A., Manolas, P., Schmidt, H. A., Ooi, C., Rutherford, A., & de Wit, J. (2017). “So Much Is at Stake”: Professional Views on Engaging Heterosexually Identified Men who Have Sex with Men with Sexual Health Care in Australia.Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

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