Positive Health cohort study of HIV-positive gay men

Past project

The Positive Health study was an open cohort study of HIV-positive gay and other homosexual men living in New South Wales. The study focussed on HIV testing and markers of health, treatment and care, sexual practices and attitudes, sexual health testing and other issues. A major goal of the study was to assess the lived experience of HIV-positive people over time. Participants were recruited in clinics and community groups of HIV-positive people in urban and rural settings and were interviewed annually. In 2007, the last year of data collection, the study recruited 230 participants and testing for sexually transmissible infections was offered to all participants for the third consecutive year. Expanded data analyses were carried out and publications submitted to journals.

Funding Agency

NSW Health, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Non-Staff Involved

Dr Iryna Zablotska

Partners / Collaborators

The Kirby Institute

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

National Association of People Living with HIV Australia

Project Files

Positive_Health_then_and_now_web.pdf (PDF) [516 Kb]

Positive_Health_19981999_Method_and_Sample.pdf (PDF) [625 Kb]

Positive_Health_19981999_Treatment_Services_Health.pdf (PDF) [1 Mb]

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