Mental health and hepatitis C: knowledge, attitudes and working alliance

People with a mental illness have been shown to have a higher rate of injecting drug use, risk behaviours and hepatitis C. Yet little is known about the rates of hepatitis C among users of mental health community managed organisations (CMOs) or the knowledge and attitudes of support workers in CMOs toward people living with hepatitis C. As hepatitis C is a stigmatised condition, largely due to its association with injecting drug use, it is likely that the negative attitudes that are present across other sectors will also be present in this sector and will affect the working alliance between client and support worker. Given the higher prevalence of hepatitis C among people with a mental illness, this study aims to investigate the hepatitis C knowledge of support workers in a CMO and their attitudes toward people with hepatitis C. This is a collaboration among the mental health, hepatitis C and drug use sectors, with the aim of using this seed funding to develop an NHMRC partnership grant proposal.

Funding Agency

Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Research Network

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Partners / Collaborators


New South Wales Users & AIDS Association

Hepatitis NSW


Rose G, Cama EJ, Brener L, Treloar C. Knowledge and attitudes towards hepatitis C and injecting drug use among mental health support workers of a community managed organisation. Australian Health Review. 2013 37(5):654-9

Brener L, Rose G, Treloar C, Cama EJ, Whiticker M. Mental health support workers' attitudes towards hepatitis C and injecting drug use: Barriers to recovery? Mental Health and Substance Use. 2014 7(3):217-29

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