Getting down to it: Understanding barriers to STI testing among young people

Past project

While young people are at high risk of contracting sexually transmissible infections (STIs), rates of STI testing remain low in this population. This may reflect that, due to a lack of research on determinants of STI testing, approaches used to promote STI testing in young people have mainly focussed on raising awareness and increasing knowledge of STIs and have not comprehensively addressed the many complex individual and social factors that may influence young people’s decision to test for STIs. To address the current gaps in research relating to STI testing and its determinants, the NSW STI Programs Unit commissioned the National Centre in HIV Social Research (NCHSR) to conduct a large-scale survey among young people in New South Wales, Australia, with the objective of strengthening the empirical evidence base regarding barriers to and facilitators of STI testing.

Non-Staff Involved

Jorlijn Hermans

Liz Story

Barry Edwards

Carolyn Murray

Christopher Bourne


Adam, P., de Wit, J., Hermans, J., Story, L., Edwards, B., Murray. C., & Bourne C. (2011). Understanding barriers to STI testing among young people: results from the online survey ‘Getting Down To it’ (Monograph 2/2011). Sydney: National Centre in HIV Social Research, The University of New South Wales. (PDF) [911 Kb]

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