What's a boy to do? Developing a targeted intervention for boys aimed at decreasing teenage pregnancy

Maria Lohan event

Worldwide, governments are striving to reduce teenage pregnancy and it is an intrinsic objective in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Overall, efforts have been concentrated on empowering females to take more active roles in sexual and reproductive issues, but such empowerment also depends on women’s relational power with men.

The aim of this presentation is to describe the development of a targeted intervention for boys aimed at decreasing teenage pregnancy entitled 'If I were Jack'.

Maria will describe how the seeds of the intervention were first grown at Flinders University and will then go on to relay the results of a mixed methods cluster randomised controlled trial in the UK. Discussion is welcomed on all aspects of design and evaluation as well as discussion of potential new collaborations to develop appropriate gender sensitive interventions for men.

Professor Maria Lohan holds a Chair in Social Science and Health at Queen’s University Belfast and specialises in men’s health research with a particular focus on men’s sexual and reproductive health and fatherhood. She has strong expertise in knowledge translation and intervention development and has successfully led as Chief-Investigator multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research bids to the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRC) and National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and has also been appointed to international collaborations funded by Movember and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Chair: Dr Christy Newman

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