SpeakEasy in Practice – Journal Club Webinar 1

Do you work with community or an NGO and wish you could build your research skills without having to become a researcher?

Maybe you are a CEO or manager and would like to support staff to make better use of the latest research in their everyday work?

Perhaps you are a HDR student or an early career researcher and want to learn more about working respectfully and effectively with community?

If the answer is “yes” or even “maybe…”, why not register for our FREE webinar series?

You may already be familiar with our regular podcast SpeakEasy and in 2020 we're branching out!

Carla Treloar and Annie Madden are launching SpeakEasy in Practice, a webinar-based journal club and training program aimed at improving community engagement in research. SpeakEasy is still “a comfortable space for uncomfortable topics” but now we are talking about those issues ‘in practice’.

We’re kicking things off with the Journal Club. Each webinar will focus on a specific research article from a peer-reviewed journal. Participants will be asked to read the article before the webinar and will be given a guidance sheet with key questions and prompts to get you thinking. We’ll discuss the research, how and why it was done, and what the findings show. But we’ll also go beyond the method and the findings and ask the big “so what?” questions, including “What can we take away?” and “How can I use this research in my own work?” You’ll get to ask questions and participate and you’ll also get access to Carla and Annie’s decades of experience in research and community.

Places are limited - register early so you don’t miss out!


Need assistance to register for this webinar? Ring +612 9385 6776.

Once you register, you will receive a copy of the journal article/featured reading for this webinar, a guidance sheet and details on how to join the webinar.

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