Qualifying Life - Orders of Worth in the Pharmaceutical Economy

Declan Kuch event

New screening technologies and epidemiological techniques create ever more people as subjects of health risks. The increasing complication of the boundary between health and illness presents policy challenges for those developing therapies: how, and by whom, should quality of life be measured against increasing length? Using case studies of Doxorubicin and Methadone, we examine key sites of frictions in biomedical research and funding between narratives of prospective cures and measurements of quality of life.

Declan Kuch is a Research Fellow in the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW. The problem of how to reconcile public values with economic democracy in an era characterized by environmental constraints motivates my research. My research covers climate change, energy policy and the social dimensions of the life sciences. My main role is as a co-leader of the Social Dimensions stream of ARC Centre of Excellence in CBNS. My primary research involves the social, ethical and political dimensions of precision medicine.

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