CSRH seminar series 2014: Sexuality and relationships - researching with people with intellectual disability

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Abstract: For many people with intellectual disability, sexual expression and the development of intimate relationships are difficult in large part because of the attitudes of those around them. This paper draws on two research projects—one in Australia and the other in the Republic of Ireland—to explore how research with people with intellectual disability can lead to change in policy and practice.

Bio: Professor Johnson is an internationally recognised scholar in the fields of disability, institutional closure, social inclusion, rights and gender. She has gained a global reputation for her research and writing in the field of disability with a particular focus on people with intellectual disabilities. Her research is applied and aims to better understand the barriers that people with disabilities encounter in living ‘good lives’ and to ensure that they have a heard voice in policies and practice relating to issues important to them. Kelley is Director of the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW.

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