AIDS2016 Prevention Literacy Satellite Session


HIV Prevention Literacy: Remembering What We Have Learned

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on universal solutions to curb the HIV epidemic, such as Test and Treat, and PrEP. By themselves, these approaches do little to address the social and structural drivers of the epidemic: poverty, gender inequality, stigma, violence, criminalisation, and homo- and transphobia. Increasingly, slogans and targets substitute for education and community action, excluding key populations from leadership in the response. This panel at the International AIDS Conference 2016 will discuss the progressive narrowing of the global HIV prevention agenda and its damaging effects, arguing for a focus on HIV prevention literacy to respond effectively to the epidemic.

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Olive Shisana, Evidence Based Solutions

Introductory & Closing Remarks
Demet Gural, Pathfinder International

Richard Parker, Columbia University and ABIA-Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association
Daughtie Ogutu, African Sex Workers Alliance
George Ayala, Global Forum on MSM & HIV
Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Peter Aggleton, CSRH 

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