Join us for #UNSWFromHome

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In times of global crisis, it is natural for society to become cloaked in anxiety; our minds racing with countless questions and concerns around this new world order. 

Is it possible to cultivate good mental health and positivity when so many traditional tools have become restricted? How will our nation respond to and defend against viral outbreak? What impact will lockdown have on our children’s development and dependency on technology? And how can we sustain – and grow – emotional connection from new distances?

Experts from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences are here to answer these questions – and more – in a new digital conversation series, #UNSWFromHome.

Newly appointed Dean for UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, Professor Claire Annesley, invites the University community to tune into this new series that offers expert commentary on how society understands and deals with the impact of coronavirus.

“From philosophy to history, education to relationships, over four consecutive weeks this series will equip our community with the knowledge to not only better understand the new world developing around them, but thrive within it,” says Professor Annesley. 

“We invite all of our UNSW alumni, students, staff, donors and friends to engage with us in this thought-provoking series.”

Cultivating Happiness in Times of Crisis: What Can Philosophy Teach Us?

For Australians, COVID-19 has led to an enforced minimalism whereby social activity and consumerism in our lives has been considerably reduced. This raises the question, what is essential? And are ‘things’ really necessary for happiness?

Join Professor Timothy O’Leary as he draws on the insights of Stoicism and Daoism to answer these key questions.

What has History Taught Us About Pandemics?

‘Unprecedented’ is a commonly used word in the context of COVID-19. But what is and isn’t different about this pandemic compared to others in Australia’s past?

Join Professor Alison Bashford as she discusses responses to infectious diseases throughout Australian history.

Growing Up Digitally – A Guide for Parents

Over 85% of children have experienced remote learning. The impact of children’s significant access to digital technologies is a key concern for both parents and educators. What does the research tell us, and how can we best educate our children from home?

Join Dr Amy Graham, a Research Fellow from the Gonski Institute for Education, as she explains the findings of the Growing Up Digital Australia report and provides practical advice to establishing healthy digital habits for our children.

Relationships – Emotional Proximity in Times of Social Distancing

The social distancing measures introduced to combat COVID-19 have affected relationships within Australian families and communities enormously, yet there are many insights that we can learn from the lived experience of isolation and infectious disease.

Join Associate Professor Christy Newman as she explores some of the many ways in which social distancing has impacted on different household and relationship structures, reflecting on the strengths and resources we draw on to remain connected through times of crisis, and providing practical tips for maintaining our own relationships during this time.

#UNSWFromHome is a new digital conversation series delivered in partnership by UNSW Arts & Social Sciences and UNSW Philanthropy (Alumni, Engagement and Development). See more upcoming events or learn more about how UNSW is changing the course of COVID-19.