Inaugural Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Theses

Congratulations to the 13 UNSW Arts & Social Sciences graduates who have been selected for the inaugural Dean’s Award for Outstanding PhD Theses.

The Award recognises high quality PhD theses produced across UNSW and is presented to PhD graduates who have been commended by their thesis examiners. To receive this award, candidates must produce a thesis that requires only minimal corrections and in the opinion of both examiners is in the top 10% of PhD theses examined.

Students research information

Name Thesis Title Supervisors
Sophie Adams The biopolitics of adaptation to a changing climate: Constructions of the adaptive capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians Professor Matthew Kearnes and Professor Laura Shepherd
John Apter Rethinking the Australian Dilemma: Economics and Foreign Policy, 1942-1957 Dr Andrea Benvenuti and Professor Lisa Ford
Abraham Bradfield Decolonising Consciousness: Art, identity and engaging Indigenous artists in far western New South Wales Professor Amanda Kearney and Associate Professor Mary Zournazi
Anthony Chmiel Theory, data, and application of psychological principles for music preference Professor Emery Schubert and Professor Dorottya Fabian
Amy Ireland Xenopoetics: Time, Matter, Transmission Scientia Professor Julian Murphet and Dr Stephanie Bishop
Xi Luan Mobilising Pierre Bourdieu's Theory to Understand the Role of Supplementary Education: A Chinese Story Associate Professor Scott Eacott and Dr Gregory Vass
Kate Montague Tragedy After 1945: Affect and Labor in the American Novel Scientia Professor Julian Murphet and Associate Professor Sigi Jottkandt
Thanh Ha Ngo Developing A Model for Vietnamese Private Higher Education: Lessons from China and Korea Professor Stephen Marshall and Professor Colin Evers
Melissa Rogers Revisiting Alfred Hill (1869-1960): examining issues of reception and compositional approach John Peterson and Associate Professor Manolete Mora
Mahsa Salamati Transnational Film Circulation in the Iranian Context: From Conjunctural Crisis to Discursive Heterotopia Dr Michelle Langford and Professor Ramaswami Harindranath
Zahra Stardust Alternative Pornographies, Regulatory Fantasies and Resistance Politics Professor Ramaswami Harindranath, Dr Daniel Joyce and Professor Kath Albury
Sophie Yates A Critical Frame Analysis of Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence Scientia Professor Louise Chappell and Professor Jan Breckenridge
John Zubrzycki Transnational exchanges in magical knowledge and methodologies between India and the West, 1813-1940 Professor Kama Maclean and Emeritus Professor Stephen Muecke

Further details and a full list of recipients is available on the UNSW Graduate Research website.