Thank You

Donor recognition - a way to say thank you

As a supporter of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, it is important that you have the opportunity to experience firsthand the impact of your generous gift.

We greatly appreciate the support of our donors and we say thank you in the following ways:

Scholarship donors

  • Naming rights – As a scholarship donor you have the opportunity to name a scholarship after yourself or to recognise a loved one.
  • You will receive a personal invitation from the Dean to attend our Faculty Awards Ceremony, meet the scholarship recipient and personally present the scholarship on stage at the ceremony.
  • We will send you photos of the scholarship recipient at the Awards Ceremony as they are presented with their scholarship.
  • We will send you progress reports of the scholarship recipient’s research or progress in their course.
  • For PhD scholarships we will send you a copy of the recipient’s thesis at the completion of their PhD.
  • You will be invited to join us at various events to meet academic staff, supporters and other donors to the Faculty.

Research and School donors

  • Event invitations - As a donor you are part of the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences community and we encourage you to join us as guests at our many events that take place throughout the year. This is a great way for you to see the impact of your support and to meet with academic staff, students and other Faculty supporters.
  • E-newsletter – We will keep you informed on news and events in the Faculty via our newly launched e-newsletter.
  • We will acknowledge your contribution to the Faculty on our website or via our e-newsletter.
  • You will develop an invaluable relationship with the centre or researcher and will be kept informed on the latest research developments.

Art & Social Sciences Awards Ceremony 2013

A thank you on behalf of the students

Emily Riches, recipient of the School of the Arts and Media Prize recognising best performance in creative writing.