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“Without the support and generosity of this scholarship I would not have been able to study and live here at UNSW. As there is no university in Tamworth, relocating to a new and much bigger city could have been very frightening, however with your help I have been able to develop strong friendships and professional networks.”

Laura Harvey, Scholarship Recipient
Alumni Education Award

One of the most significant ways in which you can make an immediate difference as a donor is by supporting our students through scholarships. Scholarships can transform lives, giving the next generation of bright minds a chance to fulfil their dreams.

Undergraduate scholarships

With a 'Named' Undergraduate Scholarship you can support a student for the length of their degree.

Scholarships recognise students for their academic achievement and are an incentive to succeed further and reach new heights of academic excellence. Scholarships also recognise economic hardship. When supporting a student through an undergraduate scholarship you are helping to ease the financial burden of university which could include anything from the cost of text books and equipment to food and accommodation. Your support will alleviate some of that hardship making it easier for students to focus on their studies. In some cases your support could be the difference between a student choosing university or not.

We also welcome donor support of annual one-off awards and student recognition prizes. 

Postgraduate scholarships

A 'Named' Masters Scholarship motivates high achieving students to continue their tertiary education.

In supporting a student to undertake postgraduate study you are encouraging them to trust in their academic potential. With a postgraduate coursework degree, our students are able to sharpen their skills and knowledge through specialised study. By supporting a postgraduate student you are helping to create a meaningful professional pathway for someone who may not have considered postgraduate study to be a financial reality.

PhD scholarships

A PhD is the start of an academic career. It provides the foundation for the next generation of academics and creates new knowledge and understanding through research. Your support of a 'Named' PhD Scholarship will assist a student in undertaking focused research free from the financial burden of self-funding, increasing their potential to achieve more significant research outcomes.

Government PhD Awards are highly competitive and limited in number. The UNSW Graduate Research School reports over 1,000 students per year miss out on Government Awards which hinder their ability to enrol in a PhD due to financial constraints. Many are accomplished local and international students that would be an asset to UNSW Arts and Social Sciences.

Supervised and mentored by leading academics within Arts and Social Sciences, a PhD student builds research and strengthens disciplines. Your support of a “Named” PhD Scholarship will make it financially possible for a student to consider a career in research and will also have considerable impact on that area of research, benefiting the Faculty and the wider community.

Contact us

To support scholarships at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences or to find out more information, please contact Angela Topping, Development Manager, via a.topping@unsw.edu.au.


Early career researchers

A 'Named' Post-Doctoral Fellowship is a research intensive position within the Faculty, usually held for a two or three year term.

As a donor your support will provide academic career development for a gifted scholar with a recently completed PhD. Teaching duties may be included, as a further advantage for new scholars preparing for a future academic post.

Fellowship holders are well positioned to publish the cutting-edge findings of their PhD or to extend major research projects arising from their Doctoral research. Fellows are mentored by senior academics, and are active members of our scholarly community. They are expected to travel, presenting their research at international conferences and seminars, and to seek publication in the most prestigious academic journals.

The focus is on communicating socially relevant knowledge while adding value to the Fellow’s academic discipline.

Priority areas

Post-Doctoral fellowship funding priority areas include:

  • Disability Studies
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Education
  • Social Policy
  • Arts and Humanities

Multi-Disciplinary research

UNSW is part of the G08, a prestigious group of research intensive universities.

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is a national leader in research, as evidenced by our results in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) report. We have received top rankings across our disciplines, with recognition above world standard across the Faculty.

Our research is guided by international leaders in academia across the Faculty’s schools and specialist research centres whose work steers public debate and policy. Ours is a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment generating contemporary and socially relevant research with real world outcomes.

However, there is still room for growth. Your support will not only contribute to the continued success of our current research but will also stimulate new opportunities for innovative research with substantial world impact.

The Faculty’s primary research strengths are social policy, health policy, contemporary humanities and creative arts, development, environment and sustainability.

Contact us

To support a Post-Doctoral Fellowship or a research project at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences or to find out more information, please contact Angela Topping, Development Manager, via a.topping@unsw.edu.au.

Research centres

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences also has a number of specialist research centres.

Indigenous career pathways

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences has the highest number of enrolled indigenous undergraduate students.

We seek your support to encourage their progression through to postgraduate research and to an academic career. The areas where we have the highest enrolment of Indigenous students are Social Work, Education, Arts (Indigenous Studies) and Social Policy.

Contact us

If you are interested in more information on supporting a 'Named' Indigenous PhD Scholarship or a 'Named' Indigenous Post-Doctoral Fellowship, please contact Angela Topping, Development Manager, via a.topping@unsw.edu.au.


Professorships ('Named' Chair)

A Chair is a high profile and prestigious position held by an international leader in academia. Your support in the appointment of a Chair will result in teaching and research built around an outstanding academic who is a leader within their field. A Chair combines academic research, teaching, policy, PhD supervision and media interaction within a public national and international context.

Using an integrated model of teaching, mentoring and research leadership ensures that contemporary and socially relevant research both underpins our teaching and acts as a catalyst for new and innovative ways of thinking amongst our undergraduate and research students.

This model is the most successful means to attract and retain the ‘top talent’ in a specific discipline in addition to fostering exceptional student experiences, creating impactful research, and developing students into leading academics of the future.

Priority areas

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences priority Areas for a ‘Chair’ are:

  • Chair in Disability Studies
  • Chair in Indigenous Education
  • Chair in Social Work
  • Chair in Criminology
  • Chair in Development Studies

Contact us

If you would like to discuss supporting a 'Named' Chair within the Faculty, please contact Angela Topping, Development Manager, via a.topping@unsw.edu.au.