Who's Who

The following UNSW Arts & Social Sciences staff will feature in the 2018 Sydney Writers' Festival. Visit our Program Highlight page for a full list of events.

Our staff

Roanna Gonsalves

In conversation with UNSW’s Roanna Gonsalves, critically acclaimed Australian authors Debra Oswald, Holly Ringland and Sophie Green discuss how they captured the emotion, hardship and joy of family life in their novels.

Family Ties

May 3 2018, 10.00am, Seymour Centre, Reginald Theatre

Lisa Ford

Nick Brodie and Billy Griffiths, two of Australia’s brightest young historians, team up for a fascinating discussion about researching Indigenous history, national identity and historical myths in conversation with UNSW’s Lisa Ford.

History's Next Generation

May 3 2018, 1.30pm, Seymour Centre, Sound Lounge

    Dean Professor Susan Dodds

    In conversation with UNSW's Professor Susan Dodds, New Power authors Jeremy Heimans (co-founder of GetUp!) and Henry Timms draw on examples from politics, popular culture, business and social justice to explain the disruptive forces that are changing the course of our age.

    New Power

    May 5 2018, 10.00am, Carriageworks Bay 17

    Sydney Writers Festival Elizabeth McMahon

    Two of South-East Asia’s most exciting new literary talents, Intan Paramaditha and Sharlene Teo, discuss their captivating stories that focus on the lives of women today. They appear in conversation with UNSW’s Elizabeth McMahon.

    Emotional Complexity

    May 6 2018, 1.20pm, Seymour Centre, Sound Lounge

      Sydney Writers Festival Richard Holden

      Join award–winning author Don Watson, Pulitzer Prize–winning staff writer for The Washington Post Amy Goldstein and UNSW's economics Professor Richard Holden in a wide-ranging conversation with ABC’s Chief Economics Correspondent Emma Alberici about the challenges posed by inequality today.

      Economic Inequality: From Wisconsin to Whyalla

      May 6 2018, 10.00am, Carriageworks Bay 17