Sydney Writers' Festival

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences are a proud major partner of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Our partnership with the Sydney Writers’ Festival is built on our commitment to exploring big ideas, creating new knowledge, and tackling critical social issues.

In 2019, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is proud to present an on-campus event featuring Rebecca Traister as well supporting the Thinking Globally series where we invite you to take a fresh look at some of the most pressing issues facing the world today.

Leading Australia in creative writing innovation

UNSW leads Australia in ‘creative writing’ innovation. Telling stories, both fiction and non-fiction, is at the heart of our cultural imagination. Through UNSW’s Creative Writing and English Literature practical and research programs, Australia’s most exciting new talent is rising up.

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Engage with the work of distinguished and emerging artists
Engage with the work of distinguished and emerging artists Discover UNSWriting
  • Cultivating flows of ideas and good writing.
  • Connecting writers, publishers and students.
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