Mrs Henar Vicente Cristobal

Associate Lecturer (Spanish & Latin American Studies)
School of Humanities & Languages


9385 1064
Room 228, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


Tuesdays 12.30 to 13.30 or by appointment
Fields: Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics, Language Studies
Tags: Teaching and Instruction Technologies

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Course Convenor Spanish Intermediate A and B and Advanced A and B.

Co-Convenor European Lenguages and Cultures

TELT Coordinator (Academic)



Born in Madrid, Spain

I am an Associate Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Course Convenor for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish.



  • Arts2570 Spanish Intermediate A
  • Arts2571 Spanish Intermedite B
  • Arts3570 Spanish Advanced A
  • Arts3571 Spanish Advanced B
  • Arts1571 Spanish Introductory B
  • Arts1570 Spanish Introductory A