People Listing
Dr Caroline Wake
Senior Lecturer
Forced Migration Research Network, School of the Arts & Media
Fields: Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, Migration, Performing Arts and Creative Writing, Performance and Installation Art, Migrant Cultural Studies
+ 61 2 9385 0720
246E, Level 2 Robert Webster,
Dr Christopher Walker
Head of School
School of Social Sciences
Fields: Policy and Administration, Political Science, Australian Government and Politics
+61 (2) 9385 3571
134 Morven Brown,
Associate Professor William Walker
School of the Arts & Media
Fields: British and Irish Literature
+61 2 9385 2306
311B, Level 3 Robert Webster,
Dr Pan Wang
Senior lecturer in Chinese and Asian studies
School of Social Sciences
Dr Ping Wang
Senior Lecturer (Chinese)
School of Humanities & Languages
Fields: Aesthetics, Asian Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Literature in Chinese, Stylistics and Textual Analysis, Philosophy and Religious Studies
+61 2 9385 3451
236 Morven Brown,
Associate Professor Alan Watson
Honorary Associate Professor
School of Education
+61 2 9385 1763
130 Goodsell Building,
Dr Ian Watson
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Social Policy Research Centre
Fields: Social Policy
+ 61 2 9385 7800
Dr Samantha Watson
Adjunct Lecturer
School of Humanities & Languages
Miss Ayah Wehbe
Research Assistant
Social Policy Research Centre
02 9385 3747
208 Goodsell Building,
Dr Melanie White
Senior Lecturer
School of Social Sciences
Fields: Political Theory and Political Philosophy, Social Theory, Citizenship, Sociology, Poststructuralism
+61 (2) 9385 2304
162 Morven Brown,