Technical Resource Centre

The Technical Resource Centre (TRC) is a specialist faculty based unit. TRC supports the use of specialist IT and Audio Visual (AV) resources and facilities across UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

The TRC team are responsible for the development, implementation and on-going support of technology-based solutions and services for faculty staff and students.

Specialised services include the development, management and support of:

  • specialised IT hardware and software in labs and studios (IT and AV)
  • Faculty seminar rooms, meeting rooms, dance studios, lecture theatres (AV)
  • video and audio production equipment (AV)
  • web and application development (web and infrastructure)
  • Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching (TELT and AV)
  • staff and postgraduate research candidate computer replacement (administration)

Want to find out more about the TRC?

The TRC website provides detailed information about the wide range of services on offer. Key dates, self help guides and informative content make it a useful tool for both staff and students.

Visit the TRC website