Strategic Intent

Our defining purpose, as a Faculty, is to promote education and research in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Creative and Performing Arts. In a systematic manner that is both intellectually enriching and vocationally enabling, we educate students in the conceptual paradigms, research methods and practical skills embodied in those traditions. We disseminate original scholarly knowledge, critical understanding and creative achievement in our areas of expertise, to the benefit of our students, our peers and the public.

We aspire to be recognised internationally as a progressive and socially engaged Faculty, with distinctive strengths in scholarship across the contemporary Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Creative and Performing Arts.


The manner in which we attempt to achieve our purpose, pursue our aspiration and conduct our business will be informed by a shared set of values and principles.

To celebrate LGBTQIA Pride month, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences' LGBTQIA Working Group invited UNSW students, staff, alumni and allies to share positive statements in this video.

Together We Can is this year's Sydney Pride theme. This sense of collective responsibility is also evident in UNSW's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion as part of our 2025 Strategy.

Supporting and promoting research

The quality of the research produced within Arts & Social Sciences is widely recognised within UNSW, among our peers and, increasingly, by the broader community.

We are determined to develop a research environment and a research culture that will enable us to retain our position as one of Australia’s top three research Faculties in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative and Performing Arts and to develop effectively our international activities and reputation.

Education: learning, teaching and students’ experience

Informed by strengths in scholarship and research, the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences curriculum will continue to reflect the breadth of the humanities, social sciences and creative and performing arts and the depth and rigour of understanding offered by their disciplines.

Building on our research expertise, we aim to make all students’ experience of studying our courses intellectually stimulating and professionally apposite. There will be a particular focus on the international and global dimensions of our programs. We will continue to develop graduates who are leaders, critical thinkers and significant contributors to positive social change.

External engagement

UNSW Arts & Social aspires to be a valued partner to industry, community and government organisations, domestically and internationally, and to be heard as an increasingly respected and authoritative voice in public debate.