The Panel Pledge two ticks

As part of its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, staff are encouraged to reflect upon and critically engage with organisers of public and professional forums where there is a lack of diversity in speakers, content or people with lived experience of the forum themes.  One powerful and practical way of doing this is by ensuring that all forums you are involved in at the University and more broadly take diversity into account, so that equity of voice is achieved. It is within this context that the Faculty encourages all staff to commit to the Panel Pledge. 

Our Panel Pledge: 

  • I commit to ensuring that all forums in which I am professionally engaged take gender equity into consideration.  
  • When speaking at an event I will request confirmation of who the other panellists/speakers/participants are, and how gender balance will be achieved. 
  • I will insist as a condition of acceptance that I expect women to participate in a meaningful way.
  • I reserve the right to withdraw from an event, should gender equity not be achieved. 
  • I will highlight gender imbalances where I see them and provide event organisers with the names of relevant women leaders in my field.

Sign The Panel Pledge

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The following people have made the Panel Pledge:

Michael Balfour, Head of School, School of Arts and Media
Marc Williams, Associate Dean (International)
Jan Breckenridge, Head of School, School of Social Sciences
Christy Newman, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Enterprise, Impact and Engagement)
Claire Annesley, Dean
Kim Beswick, Head of School, School of Education
David Cami, Executive Director 
Dorottya Fabian, Associate Dean Research Training
Timothy O'Leary, Head of School, School of Humanities & Languages
Carla Treloar, Professor and Director
David Blaazer, Deputy Dean
Helen Groth, Professor
Karen Fisher, Professor
Andrew Murphie, Associate Professor
Ayxem Eli
Chris Davison, Professor
Jon von Kowallis, Professor of Chinese Studies
Ping Wang
Limin Mao, A/Prof Centre for Social Research in Health
Caroline Wake, Senior Lecturer
Michael Richardson, Senior Research Fellow
Louise Ravelli, Associate Professor
Trish Hill, Senior Research Fellow
Susanne Schmeidl, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences
Theron Schmidt, Lecturer
Su Goldfish, Manager/Producer Creative Practice Lab
Andrew Brown, Student Administration Officer
Iman Muldoon, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Arts & Social Sciences
Paul Evans, Senior Lecturer
Sandy Evans, Lecturer in Music
Dennison Lindberg, School Manager, School of Humanities and Languages
Helen Caple, Associate Professor
Angela Topping, Development Manager
Kylie Valentine
Tema Milstein, A/Professor, Environment & Society; Convenor, Masters of Environmental Management
Mira Kim, Associate Professor
Catherine Rowe, Operations Manager
Sue Starfield, Professor School of Education 
Jennifer Perkins, School Manager, School of Education
Zhoe Trotter, Admin shared support
Ashleigh Hamilton, Business Partner - Student Client Services